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Oliver Queen’s journey comes to an end with the end of Arrow season 8. But will Arrow’s story continue with season 9? At the end of Arrow Season 7, it was confirmed that Stephen Amell’s Green Archer would die in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover and that would be the conclusion of Oliver’s story in the Arrowverse.

The five-part event kicked off with a bang by killing Oliver in the first episode of Crisis on Infinite Earths. His friends then tried to bring him back with the Lazarus Well from another Earth. Their attempt to return Oliver’s soul to his body was interrupted by Jim Corrigan. Who, with Oliver’s consent, transformed him into a Specter. Like its comic book counterpart, Specter rallied the Seven Paragons and brought them to the Dawn of Time for a final showdown with the Anti-Monitor. Oliver dies fighting the Anti-Monitor, but the Multiverse is reborn and Earth-Prime is created.

Although Oliver died before the end of the season, the character appears one last time in the Arrow series finale. But is this really the end for the Arrow characters?


As soon as Arrow was renewed for a Season 8. It was confirmed that Season 8 would be a ten-episode final season. This means the series is definitely over. Stephen Amell was under contract for seven seasons, and it was agreed that he would only return for one more season as Emerald Archer. Amell says he’s set to return as a guest star in other Arrowverse series at some point in the future.


Arrow may be over, but the CW has plans to bring back at least some of the characters. A spin-off version, Green Arrow and the Canaries are currently in development, with Mia, Black Siren, and Black Canary as the main characters. The ninth episode of Season 8 of Arrow served as the clandestine pilot for the series. It has not yet been announced if Green Arrow and the Canaries will be included in the series.


Green Arrow and the Canaries is the future of Arrow. Three key figures will see their story extended. Two of which are Arrowverse heroes who have been on the show for several seasons. The series could also appeal to other members of Team Arrow, like Wild Dog and Curtis. But even though Green Arrow and the Canaries don’t exist, the beauty of the Arrowverse is that it encompasses multiple series. Diggle is already confirmed for at least one post-Arrow episode, which will air on The Flash. So even though Oliver’s story is over. At least some Arrow characters can go on living in other ways.

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