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The Kissing Booth Will End After Part 3!

The third part of the “The Kissing Booth” film series is eagerly awaited by fans. The impatience is understandable, after all, the career of the third part around Elle, her best buddy Lee and her boyfriend Noah was an emotional roller coaster ride! At first, it was said that the film would come later than expected (THANK YOU Corona). A few days later, the stars from the film told us the start date and everyone was reassured to some extent! On August 11th we FINALLY continue! But today we have to make the fans heartbeat again because a new poster asks fans whether the film series is over after the third part of “The Kissing Booth”!

“The end of an era” …?!?

Recently, author Beth Reekles, on whose books the “The Kissing Booth” films are based, published the new poster for the third party. The fans were thrilled, but stumbled upon the text on it: ” The end of an era “. Wait for what? What exactly does this sentence refer to? Is there no part 4 and we have to say goodbye to our favourite movie characters soon ?! At least in terms of content, the sentence makes sense: Elle, Noah and Lee all have to grapple with where to go after high school. This actually ends an era, because they will not be able to study together at a university! Because Lee will go to UC Berkeley while Noah will go to Harvard. Elle has the option of going to both universities – but which one will she choose? Or does the text refer to the era of friendship between Elle and Lee, who may soon no longer hang out together? The second sentence on the poster could turn the questions completely upside down – and open up a completely different possibility.

“The beginning of everything else”

Because right under the first sentence on the poster it says: “The beginning of everything else.” Phew, okay, so we don’t have to worry about the future of Ella, Lee and Noah, do we? Maybe it even means something completely different: Could there even be more than three parts of “The Kissing Booth” ?! It is like this: Before Netflix made the first book by author Reekles into a film, there was no longer any material! The author didn’t start writing the next few books until the Netflix movie became such a huge hit. That’s why part 3 of the book series has only just been finished and can be pre-ordered. Conversely, this means that a fourth part (or even more!) Is not that unlikely. After all, the film series was super successful on Netflix and we assume that the third part will also be. We keep our fingers crossed that the author will have a few ideas for more parts and that we won’t have to part with Elle and Co. on August 11th.


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