Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Only Fans was previously an exclusive social media platform. But now the company wants to open up. Is that going to be a problem for Instagram?

Only Fans is a very popular platform, especially among the stars – no wonder, because they earn a lot on the social media page! In general, OnlyFans is known for two things: exclusivity and let’s call it “adult content”. However, the company now wants to change both: OnlyFans wants to open up to the mainstream and make pornographic content a thing of the past. Will this make the platform a real competition for Instagram?

OnlyFans wants to go mainstream.

The circumstances could hardly have been better for the social media platform: While a blatant pandemic is paralyzing society all over the world and driving everyone into their own four walls, OnlyFans made dumb and stupid millions of videos by creators from everyone possible country. What made the site so interesting for users: They didn’t take any “adult content” as seriously as Instagram, for example. While the latter punishes the overly revealing demeanor of some women, OnlyFans can only laugh about such things. Content of a completely different kind is uploaded here. The fans are happy (and pay a lot of money), the stars are happy (and get a lot of money) and everyone is happy. Now OnlyFans would like to move away from the image of a quasi porn site and more into the mainstream. It should still be about contact between stars and users – just without adult videos. This could make the site serious competition for Instagram, after all, the concepts are no longer so different.

The company needs billions for the plan.

However, it is not that easy to change the entire concept of a company. Only Fans has a certain reputation that is difficult to get rid of. That’s bad if you want to attract big investors who are put off by the “adult content” – Disney would certainly not support OnlyFans, for example. OnlyFans wants to get rid of the current content with the help of investors and needs funding for it – in the amount of over 1 billion dollars! In 2020 alone, the company had a turnover of 2 billion dollars, so it could theoretically be of interest to some investors. However, the question also arises of how important Only Fans will still be if the trademark of the social media platform is deleted. However, should the platform manage to gain a place in the mainstream, Instagram would have more than equal competition on the cheek!

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