Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

The singers shared a romantic evening in New York.

Since they went public with their relationship in fall 2020, the appearances of Rihanna and ASAP Rocky seem to be rising in tone. After traveling a path of friendship for several years, the pandemic took its toll and the singers decided to confirm their emotional bond. After her separation from Hassan Jameel, the interpreter decided to give herself a new possibility in love, and the context of the quarantine provided the right environment to keep it hidden. However, embarrassment seems to have been pushed aside for Riri.

Yesterday, the interpreter of “Umbrella” and her new partner were caught by the unwavering eye of the paparazzi during their last date night in New York City. Despite the presence of hundreds of photographers, the singers showed themselves without any kind of resentment and wore outfits truly commensurate with the importance of the evening.

In a pink dress, long necklaces, and stunning heels, Rihanna stole all eyes, but ASAP Rocky’s gesture was without a doubt the most striking. Faced with the imminent press siege, the composer put his arm around the artist and made it clear that the relationship continues at a steady pace.

The scene was so enlightening that the photographers decided to continue their guard at the scene and captured irrefutable shots. While enjoying their warm dinner together, Rihanna and the creator of “Mario Kart” shared a romantic kiss despite the fact that the surroundings of the gastronomic establishment were filled with curious eyes. The brand new smile on Rihanna’s face did her thing and no official statement is needed anymore.

Nothing stops her.

Despite the musical parade that Rihanna experienced throughout the pandemic, the artist decided to expand her horizons and demonstrate her talent in new disciplines. Its exclusive cosmetics brand Fenty managed to position itself as one of the biggest revelations in the industry, earning it a new cover in Vogue Italia magazine.

With a spectacular black dress full of transparency, every detail of the iconic cover was prepared entirely by the singer as an undisputed example of her enormous aesthetic talent.

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