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Zac Efron Almost Died!

What would life be without Zac Efron? For many fans hardly imaginable, but the beam man from Hollywood sweetens us every day (even if said beam would have ruined a role in Fast)! So all the worse the idea that Efron narrowly escaped death twice!

“Killing Zac Efron” was taken too literally

It would have been a macabre irony: while the actor was filming his series “Killing Zac Efron” in 2019, his immune system was busy fighting off a blatant infection. It wasn’t long before Efron noticed this mentally and physically and the actor had to be flown to the hospital. As the “Sunday Telegraph” reported at the time, he had caught a blatant infection that almost cost him his life! Almost certainly he would have died from it if it hadn’t been found out so quickly. Experts were able to treat him and the actor was back on his feet quickly – lucky! It wasn’t even his first near-death experience!

Efron was almost run over by a double-decker

In all honesty, we need to worry less about any changes in Zac Efron’s face and more about never being able to see his face again! Because two years before his infection, the actor almost got run over in London! On a bike tour through London with co-star Hugh Jackman, it almost ended with Efron. ” I cycled through London with him, but I’m not someone who drives through traffic early in the morning, so it turned out to be pretty dangerous, ” the actor recalled in an interview on the Graham Norton Show. “I followed Hugh around a couple of cars and suddenly there was a double-decker bus in front of me! I hit the brakes, ran under the front tire, and narrowly escaped death. “ His colleagues didn’t seem as impressed by the drama, as Efron jokingly added: “ Hugh was across the street, put his thumb up and said, ‘All right? Let’s go on ‘ ”.

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