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Stranger Things Season 4: Do We Have A Release Date?

When does Netflix announce the start date for “Stranger Things” season 4 and what will happen in the new season?

“Stranger Things”: Season 4 release date

It’s hard to believe, but Season 3 of ” Stranger Things ” just went online in July 2019. So it will be two years ago next month! The fans of the Netflix series have been waiting for a long time for the storyline about Elfie, Mike, Dustin & Co. to continue. And let’s not forget the evil mind flayer, the shadow world, and the experiments of the Russian scientists. There are always new rumors of a possible release day of “Stranger Things” 4on. But what is the matter now? Due to the corona pandemic, the shooting suffered and had to be stopped and postponed again and again. Therefore, season 4 of “Stranger Things” appears much later than expected. The main actor Finn Wolfhard (plays Mike Wheeler) gave a sobering update a few weeks ago. He does not expect the new season to start until the beginning of 2022. Series colleague David Harbor (plays Jim Hopper) was now a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show and dropped something very similar there. Filming of Season 4 is still in full swing and will probably not finish until late summer. There “Stranger Things “is particularly complex in terms of post-production and effects, post-production will take many more weeks. David estimates that fans can expect the new season at the end of 2021 at the earliest. More likely, however, is early 2022.

“Stranger Things”: What Happens in Season 4?

Now follows a small summary of all things that have been published in the past weeks and months. So what do we know The second trailer, entitled 002/004, was recently uploaded to YouTube. There you can clearly see the laboratory in which Elfie was subjected to terrible experiments at the beginning of the series. So we are sure to find out more about Elfie’s past and her siblings. Does that also mean that the hated character Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) returns in “Stranger Things” Season 4? In trailer 001/004 we saw that Jim Hopper didn’t die and live after all! Yay! However, he is a prisoner in Russia … How does he get out of there? The trailer titles suggest that there are two more videos to come. Will we find out the start date of “Stranger Things” 4 at the end of the trailer video 004/004? What else do we know? The new season will not take place in Hawkins, the Mindflayer will probably be back, there are some new characters and according to Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) and Joe Keery (Steve), “Stranger Things” season 4 will be a lot creepier than all the other seasons before! We are already very hyped!

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