Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022
Angelina Jolie has criticized a judge who is in charge of the child custody in her divorce case with Brad Pitt for his adamant nature. Angelina Jolie has raised a complaint about the judge that he is refusing to allow their children to testify during the custody hearing.
The actress has asked to disqualify the Judge named John Ouderkirk from the divorce case and she has filed a case for the same.
She said that the judge had declined to hear the evidence that she had and which was relevant to the safety and well-being of her children. Without hearing her evidence, the judge issued a tentative ruling.
As per the filing in California’s Second District Court of Appeal, Judge John Ouderkirk had denied the actress a fair trial and recklessly excluded her evidence that was relevant to the safety, health, and welfare of the children. And these pieces of evidence were very much critical in her case.
Angelina Jolie also stated that the judge failed to adequately consider a section of the California courts code. As per the code, it states that it is detrimental to the best interest of the child if custody is awarded to a person with a history of domestic violence.
Angelina Jolie had applied for a divorce in 206, after some issues over a private flight ferrying the actors and their kids from France to Los Angeles.
Brad Pitt was accused of being abusive and cruel towards his son, who was then 15 years of age. But no charges were filed against him by the child welfare officials and the FBI. At that time, the attorney of Angelina Jolie said that she asked for a divorce for the sake of the family’s health.

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