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At the rate at which things are changing, it makes no sense to remain in denial that cryptocurrency is taking over. With most people buying Bitcoin and Ethereum, several companies now make it legal tender. This article will be about the top 10 major companies that accept crypto as payment. So, if you want to buy Ethereum or Bitcoin and wonder where you can spend it, you are in the right place. 



At the top of our list is Tesla, a multinational company headed by Elon Musk. And we all know how Elon Musk is a big fan of cryptocurrency. While currently, Tesla only accepts Dogecoin, Elon Musk says it will soon likely resume accepting Bitcoin and other cryptos. Tesla stopped accepting Bitcoin at one point because of environmental concerns. So, if you are a fan of electric cars, you can buy one with crypto.


Amazon, an eCommerce business that deals in home and office supplies, has laid the groundwork for accepting crypto. If you buy Ethereum or other crypto and want to spend it on Amazon, then you first have to buy an Amazon gift card with the crypto. After that, you can then use the gift card to make purchases on Amazon. While currently, you can’t pay for items directly with crypto on Amazon, the future looks bright in this aspect for Amazon. 


AT&T is a multinational telecommunications company and the first to accept payment in crypto. AT&T gives its customers the convenience to pay their bills with crypto via BitPay. If you are not familiar with what BitPay is all about, they are a crypto payment processor. So when next you log in to your account on the myAT&T app to pay your mobile carrier bill, you will be able to choose the payment option BitPay.


Wikipedia is a multilingual encyclopedia we all swear by when finding information about anything. If you are familiar with this open-source online encyclopedia, you will know that it is possible to make donations to the Wikimedia Foundation. Until recently, donations were only made with fiat currencies, but thanks to their partnership with Coinbase, you can now make donations with digital currencies. 


Overstock is an online retailer of home and office furniture and decor. Overstock partnering with ShapeShift enables them to accept payment in cryptocurrency. Coupling this feature with their ability to ship globally makes them a big industry. Now irrespective of your country, you can easily purchase your favorite furniture or decor from Overstock, pay with crypto and have it delivered to your country, no stress!


Expedia is an online travel agency that gives you information and advice about different countries. You can buy your plane ticket, book a hotel, rent a car, and so on through Expedia. And when it comes to paying, Expedia has added the option of paying with more than 30 cryptos. With Expedia, if you buy Ethereum, Bitcoin, or any other crypto, you do not have to worry about converting it to fiat currency before spending it on your dream vacation. 


As a leading developer of system software and application, Microsoft accepts payment in digital currency. So when you want to purchase any Microsoft product, be it Windows, Xbox, Windows phone, rent Video, or Music, you can do so with crypto. So feel free to buy Ethereum, Bitcoin, or any other crypto of your choice and use it to buy that favorite Microsoft product. 

Home Depot 

Home Depot, one of the largest appliances, tools, construction products, and services, also allows crypto as a legal tender. Home Depot’s acceptance of crypto through Flexa’s checkout system is huge in the sense that it means you can build a house from the ground up with cryptocurrencies. Whether you buy Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Litecoin, you can do so with the mindset that you can own a house at the end of the day. 


Namecheap, an accredited domain name registrar, and web hosting company, now allows users to make payments with digital currency. Namecheap can accept crypto payments through BTCPay. This means that you can buy Ethereum, Bitcoin, or any digital asset of your choice and use it to pay for an SSL certificate, web hosting, domain privacy, and other services on Namecheap. 


Last but not least on this list is NewEgg, an online retailer of electronics. NewEgg is the first major eCommerce store to accept digital currency as a payment method. Due to NewEgg’s partnership with BitPay, they can accept payment in digital currency. They accept diverse cryptocurrencies, so you can buy Ethereum, Bitcoin, and so on for buying items on NewEgg.


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