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Discover the basics behind the Linda coin and consult our price prediction to make an informed decision whether you should invest in Linda in the short, medium, or long term. 

Linda Coin Price Prediction — What Happened to Linda Crypto?

The crypto market ecosystem is in perpetual change. New coins are released almost every day, and now there are nearly 13,000 different ones to select from. Because of this, some projects are destined to fly under the investor’s radar and not get the attention they deserve. 

This seems to have happened with Linda coin, which tried to bring a hybrid consensus mechanism to the space in 2017. So, if you are wondering what really happened to this crypto, you have come to the right place. We will explain some of its basics, and the reasons why it was ultimately renamed to Metrix (MRX) coin. 

In addition to this, we will go thorough price analysis of this token and try to give an honest Linda coin price prediction for the coming years. Let’s delve in. 

What Is Linda Coin?

When this coin was launched in 2017, it tried to solve the recurring issues of popular blockchains, like Ethereum or Bitcoin. Mainly, Linda wanted to improve upon the scalability of these two blockchains. 

To achieve this goal, the Linda coin introduced a hybrid consensus mechanism. It was based on proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS) models. The PoW model used the scrypt algorithm to mine new Linda coins, confirm transactions, and secure the network. So there was nothing new. 

Linda coin tried to innovate by combining this model with a masternode network. There the users could stake their Linda coins and gain passive income through it. This model provided the users with a more efficient way of transferring Linda coins without saturating the main network. 

Linda Becomes Metrix

After a staggering success following its release, Linda’s price and popularity quickly declined. The team provided some good apps, namely MyStakingWallet to stake and manage funds and MyNodePool platform for managing staking funds. 

However, they came short on many of their promises, and the rivals, like Tezos and Cardano, provided better infrastructure for PoS. As a result, the Linda coin was rebranded to Metrix. The team wanted to start fresh with a new trademark, so it’s no wonder that you cannot find Linda on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko. Instead, you should be looking for the MRX coin. 

Linda Coin Historical Price

Following its release, the Linda coin went to the moon, increasing by more than 10,000% in just a couple of months. This was during the 2017-2018 initial coin offering (ICO) craze. That situation was followed by a market crash that wiped out most of the Linda coin value. From an all-time high of $0.01, the price went down to $0.0003, which means a decrease of 97%. 

Then, during a two-year bear market, the price of Linda turned Metrix continued to fall. In 2021, a short-lived revival pushed prices 2,000% upwards but was followed by another crash that wiped all gains in a matter of days. 

Linda Price Prediction 2025

At best, making a price prediction for Linda (Metrix) for the next four years would be a shot in the dark. This cryptocurrency has been struggling to show any kind of long-term upside momentum. We can see the MRX price remaining on the decline in the near future. 

However, risk-taking investors could take a gamble and invest a small money amount to hope for a quick +100% pump. MRX had made these kinds of price movements many times before, and a small trade volume could raise the price quite fast. Make sure you can detect the right selling moment because these coins can lose over 90% of their value in a matter of hours. 

Why Buy Metrix (MRX)?

It is undeniable that the long-term prospects of MRX are quite grim. Most experts would agree that you shouldn’t go long on this cryptocurrency. Since its release, more active and prospective projects have filled the market. But due to low volumes and stark price fluctuations, MRX can be considered by investors seeking to make quick profits on a price pump. 

So, if you think you can beat the market, Godex should be your go-to exchange for acquiring coins. By using the best cryptocurrency exchange platform from, you will be able to swap 300+ different cryptocurrencies for MRX completely anonymously.

Yes, that is true, Godex doesn’t require any kind of registration or identification procedure when swapping cryptos. Simply choose the amount of MRX you want to exchange and give the address of your wallet. 


Metrix coin, previously known as Linda, has been struggling to return to relevance. Competitors have overtaken the market, making it a dubious investment for the long term. However, its price pumps can be a good source for making a quick profit, if you are agile enough to get out of your trade at the right time. 


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