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2020 MLB Postseason: How these four teams can win the final spot

2020 MLB Postseason

It’s the final day of the regular season and four teams are still vying for a 2020 MLB Postseason berth. We’ve worked out all the situations for you!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve delivered a daily update to the 2020 MLB Postseason picture. We were even featured on BLEACHER REPORT!!! Now, on the final day of the regular season, there’s just one spot left in the playoff bracket and four teams fighting for their lives.

So, today we’re going to walk you through what needs to happen for each of these teams in order to make the playoffs. To start, let’s take a look at the current postseason picture:


  1. Rays | 39-20 | .661
  2. Twins | 36-23 | .610 (?)
  3. Athletics | 35-24 | .593
  4. White Sox | 35-24 | .593 (?)
  5. Yankees | 33-26 | .559 (?)
  6. Astros | 29-30 | .492
  7. Indians | 34-25 | .576
  8. Toronto | 32-27 | .542 (?)

NOTES: Though we already know which AL teams are going to compete in the postseason, there are still a few scenarios that could determine playoff seeding. The first is between the New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays. If the Jays win and the Yankees lose today, both teams will swap positions; the Jays will finish the 5th seed and the Yankees will finish with the 8th seed.

The second scenario involves the Minnesota Twins, Chicago White Sox, and Cleveland Indians. If the Twins lose and the White Sox win, both teams will swap positions; ChiSox will clinch the 2nd seed and the Twins will get the 4th seed. Either way, both teams will play at home come Tuesday.

The third scenario also deals the White Sox, only this time it also involves the Indians. If the Indians win and ChiSox loses today, the White Sox will drop to the 7th seed while the Indians jump to the 4th seed. In this scenario. the Indians are vying for home-field advantage while the White Sox would lose it.


  1. Dodgers | 42-17 | .712
  2. Braves | 35-24 | .593
  3. Cubs | 33-26 | .559
  4. Padres | 36-23 | .610
  5. Cardinals | 29-28 | .509 (?)
  6. Marlins | 30-29 | .508
  7. Reds | 30-29 | .508
  8. Brewers | 29-30 | .492 (?)
  9. Giants | 29-30 | TIED
  10. Phillies | 28-31 | 1 GB

NOTES: To start, let’s talk about the Cincinnati Reds. Currently, the Reds have a spot in the 2020 MLB postseason. What we still don’t know, however, is whether they will land somewhere in the 5-6 seeds or in one of the Wild Card (7-8 seeds) slots. IF the Reds win today, and the St. Louis Cardinals lose, the Reds will have earned a slot somewhere in the 5-6 seeds. IF both teams lose, the Reds will also earn either the 5-6 slot. Conversely, if the Cards win and Reds lose, the Reds will keep their Wild Card spot.

Now, let’s talk about life or death scenarios. First, the St. Louis Cardinals; ALL the Cards have to do to clinch a playoff berth is win. Win and you’re in! Where they would be seeded is explained above.

In the second scenario, if the Milwaukee Brewers can defeat the Cardinals today, they would be in! In this scenario, the Reds would clinch 2nd place in the NL Central and the Brewers would be a Wild Card team.

In the third scenario, if the San Francisco Giants and the Cardinals win and the Brewers lose, the Giants would clinch the 2nd Wild Card spot.

Finally, the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies get in if they win and the Cardinals defeat the Brewers and the Giants lose.

That’s it! Those are all of the playoff scenarios to look for int he final day of the regular season. Check back throughout the day as we make some updates!

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