2019 Baseball HOF Class; Life on Mars; Movie Remakes (#102)

2019 Baseball HOF Class; Life on Mars; Movie Remakes (#102)

In this episode, we touch on Movie Remakes, the stupidity of trying to live on Mars, the 2019 Baseball HOF class, and more!

Episode #102: “2019 Baseball HOF Class; Life on Mars; Movie Remakes” Contents:

  • (Intro) – We survived the heatwave
  • (07:09) – We’ve had enough of movie remakes
  • (15:25) – Should we continue to explore life on Mars?
  • (23:43) – Bud Selig upset about the steroid ers
  • (45:23) – Francisco Lindor urges MLB to extend netting to foul pole
  • (51:46) – Nicholas Castellanos complains about his stats at Comerica Park
  • (58:15) – Congratulations to the 2019 Baseball HOF class; extended outro

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